Winter Style in London: Flatlays

It's already December 11th and where has all the time gone? Christmas is around the corner and I'm packing away for my weekend in Belgium. What I can honestly say is a winter in the UK is much more manageable than a winter in Calgary. For instance, gloves were not needed today when I walked to the tube and down Oxford Street. Nope not at all. A light sweater and my wool coat were plenty if not a little on the warm side. This is pretty unheard of in Calgary right now!

Well the past month has enlightened me to the wonders of sample sales in London and they are glorious! imagine getting amazing designers like Erdem, Alexander McQueen, Preen, Sophia Webster, and so many more for well you know ..sample sale prices and it's not for the picked over scraps like other places these are for beautiful runway pieces, sample sizes and over stock. for 50-90% off. You know how much I love a good flat lay so here is a mini update with some of the pieces purchased from Erdem and Sophia Webster..


Paris: A Love Story

Well the joys of living in England is the proximity to other European countries and that was proven last Thursday when a friend and I booked a last minute trip to Paris from Sunday to Tuesday Night. It was an amazing trip and my first time in Paris so all the major places were hit.

Day 1: We went to stare at the ceiling of Notre Dame and walked down the Left Bank towards St. Germain. Then we climbed the steps of Montmarte to Coeur Sacre finishing off with a nighttime stroll around the Eiffel Tower and pizza near by.  The pizza was sub par but after our 2.5 hr walk to the Eiffel Tower we would take anything that was open, and not much was! Thank goodness for the Uber that took us home.

Day 2: Made some new friends at the hostel we stayed at and all went to the Louvre (yes, I took a selfie with the Mona Lisa) Had dessert at Laduree on 16 Rue Royale and bought a few macarons for home. Then we all had dinner at an authentic French restaurant La Marine, everything was in French! good thing I worked at a french restaurant once and could decipher the menu! it was close to the canal at Gard du Nord and after we danced the night away at a local club.

Day 3: Started the day off with dessert first! Creme Brule at Cafe des Deux Moulins, that's the cafe Amelie works at in the film! mine had the perfect crack on top. Unfortunately, one of our new friends didn't have enough sugar on top and didn't have the same effect, but it still tasted delicious! Lunch/dinner was decided upon at the cafe, we strategized our plan of getting wine, cheese, bread, and all the other necessities to have a picnic by the Eiffel Tower. A quick pop into the neighbourhood grocery and bakery and we were set! 

Well there you have it. My first Parisian adventure and it was a success! Now that I've gotten some of the touristy things crossed off I will plan a more relaxed visit that probably involves some shopping. After all, I'll be back in February! 

p.s. I know that Laduree has some store in London, but seeing as I was going to Paris I thought it was only right to have a proper dessert in their cafe. It was delicious and an experience to say the least!


A new Cityscape

  I think this skirt is a perfect segue into Autumn/Winter style. As you can tell when the post photos were taken, 1 - I was still in Calgary and 2 - it's still summery. However, this outfit can easily be made winter ready by adding some tights. The pattern is called Cityscape and since I'm attempting to visit as many city's as possible it's a great lead into my next destination, Paris! and Oui Oui! am I ever excited. We are heading there tomorrow night and staying until Tuesday night. So be ready for some truly Parisian photos flooding my instagram page.

Skirt: Pink Tartan // Top: Kain Label // Jacket: H&M (similar) // Shoes: Zara (similar)