Be kind rewind

Had a great morning so far, yum sushi and vietnamnese rolls. What I should be doing is unpacking. Wow, to the amount of stuff a person can accumulate, and to think i’m going to be doing it again in 4 months. Maybe I should stay in the city next summer? Or if I do move somewhere far away like NY... then i’m never coming back.
Well here’s my day from 2:30 pm in rewind:

11:53AM lunch at home.

11:22PM photo of a book spine, stuck my finger over the flash to make this exposure. turned out ok.

11:15PM photo of my new necklace. Got it from doo-dads in Marda Loop, great little store for cheap accesories that look way more expensive. Was chating with the lady behind the counter and she said that the owner travels all around to L.A., NY and other places for the product. There was also a lotion there that smelled amazing but i'm going to wait since it's $30 for a little tube.. haha most likely one of the most expensive things in there.

11:15PM just another close up.
9:33PM lamp across the street. it's snowing again.

8:50PM through my window at building next door. It was once an art gallery, went there all the time when i was little, and was shocked by a painted of a naked women (i was 12 and naive) the husband of the owner was also my music teacher.


  1. beyond belief28.4.09

    that sushi looks delicious! love the photos