We make up, we break up, we make out.

Oh to cabins, our own DJ, bonfires and fireworks.. this has been the best. So, all i've got to say is when in the wilderness with no neighbors, rules, or noise complaints to worry about, it's definitely a time to let loose, get a little naked (kidding, well half) and party till brunch. Then onto fireworks, swings and fondue...yum. seriously no complaints for this week, simply epic. Also had a great visit with an old friend, we had a great adventure and car ride where i nearly kicked him out 3 time, oh but i still love him xx.

Took this while swinging, it was raining and we all got drenched.

tx Darren you are the best! you made it happen.
Oh the boys, love/hate them.

Me, sometime around 4am.

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  1. Anonymous6.7.09

    Looks like you had a blast! The no neighbors thing is key! :)