review period

a year in review
so far all i've talked about is what i'm doing in the future and what i hope my style will evolve to. But my thoughts are, in order to make decisions into the future you must reflect onto the past. Because, we can learn so much from what we have done before, fashion has many different faucets and is spun from the reinterpretation of former decades. What i don't mean to say is that it is entirely from the past but there has to be a starting point, even the most modern designers are inspired by others before them. What i hope is that the things i have done in the past help me to shape the person i want to be and accompany me with my future decision. My hope is that all the work that makes me happy will someday inspire others. My current career choice has nothing to do with fashion but everything else i have done points me in that direction or at least in a more creative right-side-of-the-brain sort of choice. So here is to change and finding my real self, and all the bumps and scraps that accompany it.


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