Weekly Ritual

So I have to admit my teeth are rotting in my head and it is definitely because of my own devices. For the past few weeks it's been a constant battle against the craving and being an avid sugar addict is a hard craving to curb harder in my opinion than a smoker or crack addict (not that I have any experience). Wednesday, Wednesdays are my little loop hole and the day that my craving can run rampant with no consequences. It's the best day in my opinion because every bakery, cookie, gelato, cupcake, chocolate shop is open and it isn't a busy day, so by the time I get there, even later in the afternoon they always have all the flavors. Anyways, this post was to just get it out there and clear in my mind that all you guys now know my addiction. Plus this is my way of avoiding the dreadful gym and I can't have a relapse and start eating every sugary, frosted, sparkly...yes, sparkly in my eyes, treat out there whenever it comes into my line of vision.

Good luck to me
and my tooth brush.

and sorry no pictures because lately all the treats end up being eaten before I can even fathom taking one.


  1. Love the weekly ritual. Mine is usually a binge day once a week. The day varies, but the sugar consumption is always the same.

  2. Same here. Same here. Can't stop. Weak. Want. Chocolates.