What would i do without the French?

Macarons have a special and delicious place in my heart. My search for macarons started a year ago almost down to the exact day. It began with the Saint Germain Bakery in Vancouver and now has traveled with me to Calgary a city of which i thought i would only ever taste it's coconut and chocolate counterpart, the Macaroon. Originally my excitement began with a simple internet search 'Macarons & Calgary' a sure combination that would send me the required results. I was meet with trepidation as there was only one reliable link in the slew of internet mumble-jumble that was spit out with lightning speed. completely across the city but in close proximity to my favorite truffle shop in Inglewood i was meet with my first, local, almond pastry at Nectar Desserts with an exotic variety i walked away with a petite collection to be savored at home with nothing but myself and a cup of tea. As i look back and once again search for those same words, Macarons and Calgary, i see my other recent adventures and wins in the tasty world of macarons. M for macarons was discovered at the local farmers market adjacent to my Uni my favorite flavor was surly the red velvet but i will be trying other flavors due to their rotating menu. Finally and most recently i was meet with the newest addition to my macaron pallet Yann Haute Patisseries housed in a bright yellow character home it was welcoming in a cheery sort of way, that only complimented what awaited inside. Not only did it offer the assorted macarons and pastries as the other confectioners did but they also had some intricate and beautiful custom cakes ready for any occasion.


  1. Macarons are my most favorite dessert ever. That says a lot. These are great pics of them, very whimsical!