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The holidays are over and i'm still wishing for my break to be a little bit longer. Sadly I start classes on Monday but i'm almost done! only 1 semester and a class in the spring and I complete my diploma. So it is shaping up to be a busy 6 month and ontop of that my very good friend is getting married. We're going wedding dress shopping next week..eep marriage, scary thought isn't it?
Anyways, I do have a few resolutions this year.

1. Travel more: I haven't left Canada, can you believe that!?! I think it's time so i'm planning for the summer or early fall to go somewhere. Vegas, California, or London, maybe? Just need to get out of this place!!

2. Buy quality: I'm saving up for pieces that i've always wanted and going to stop buying needless things that only are worn 1-2 times. There are always going to be some trendy pieces at F21 to buy but i'm going to start thinking a bit more with every purchase I make.

3. Work harder: It's my last semester and a bit so i'm going to spend more time studying and less time shopping... will see if this lasts long haha!

4. Letting go: I have people in my life and people in my past I need to let go of and move on from, be open to love, not judge before I really know someone. Open mind and heart for this year.

I'm currently obsessed with instagram and taking pictures everywhere! follow me @linlemon to see more photos.

Silk Polka Dot Top: Scotch & Soda, Sequins: Bano & Eemee, Boots: Nine West, Gold Flats: Zara

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