Weekend Bucketlist

This is the first weekend in I don't even know how long for all the things that have been pushed aside and left as little mental notes to finally be done! Almost every weekend has involved some sort of wedding prep/shopping with my friend, who's the bride, trying to find her dress.. 10 boutiques later and she said 'yes' to the dress. School projects/lab work, directing and styling for shoots, or just boring stuff like cleaning. Also I went to Vancouver for a week in February so NOTHING was done.

So this is what I'll be doing this weekend, some nice relaxing stuff that will hopefully require very little brain power and a whole lot of awesome... all before my life gets over run again by assignments and studying during finals.

1. Get my hair coloured. It's supposed to look like this, but will likely be a bit darker because my hair is brown/black to begin with.


2. Make red velvet cupcakes, and who could say no to this? A delicious recipe that needs to be made and enjoyed. Plus my roommate will likely die of happiness!


3. Bike ride around my neighbourhood. The most wonderful thing about living in the city are the great bike paths and how easy it is to ride around the river and see the skyline from my place. Living in Kensington/hillhurst is the BEST, and as The Peace Bridge just opened it means some serious biking to Princes island.


4. The final thing to do is something different. Scary even. Something that could change my life for the better or simply answer a question and let me move on. You get to find this out later.. horribly suspenseful, I know.


I've notice a connection between all these things, and it's completely unintentional. Have you noticed? It's red. Red hair, red velvet cupcakes, the Peace Bridge is red, and as well that scary thing i'm talking about doing might have to do with love and that is usually red, right? Oh well I guess red is going to be the colour of this weekend.

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  1. red velvet cupcakes have the be the most delicious ever.