Winter Heights

 Sweater//Elizabeth & James : Jeans//Gap 1969 : Coat//Esprit : Necklace//Forever 21 : Shoes//Zara

Winter is here! I don't know why I'm so excited because right now my toes are frozen. Err.
But having lived in Alberta for most of my life I already know that we can not stay inside forever and life goes on so we have to put on our sweaters, jackets, hats, socks, boots, mitts, and any other combination of cold weather attire and get our butts outside! For most of the week I have avoided going outside for more then 15-20 minutes (my walk to and from school) and a sore ankle. Darn badminton injury. Overall...minus a Tiffany's bloggers breakfast on Tuesday. Photos to come! I have nestled myself in my apartment between my blanketed cocoon of warmth and supplied my tea addiction happily. 

My roommate begged me to help her people watch for a school assignment, so yesterday we ended up at the Calgary Tower, and let me tell you the view was beautiful. The concrete and steel giants of the downtown core were puffing white smoke that hold the coming and goings of thousands of Calgarians was a sight...until I looked down, it was an instant set of nausea and backing away from the glass floor before I felt normal again. Apparently heights scare me. I did manage to get some photos after convincing myself that everything was alright and I just needed to imaging myself as a giant stepping on the little 'ant' cars below. Incredible how a ego boost can squelch any fears!

Stay warm and stylish xoxo!

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