Music: Peer Support

Last Saturday night was an adventure in music and in topics for the site. I've only ever posted playlists, I love music anything from classical, jazz, funk, indie, punk, but not Country, and I often have many new artists loaded onto every device. Suggested by my amazing friend and videographer, Paul we ventured to The Palomino for a triple artist show for the EP launch of Peer Support, a great indie rock band, along side Kyote and Animal Teeth. In our eagerness to catch Peer Supports entire set and check for lighting (that was for Paul's camera) we arrived at 9:30 only to find out they weren't going on til 12:30, but such is the norm for most shows I've attended. Often no one knows whats going on until they arrive.

It was already pretty warm downstairs and my choice to wear my hair down with a fedora was becoming regrettable. After chatting with a friend who was working the door it was time for some air and to enjoy the warm Calgary night. After taking a walk to Olympic Plaza and checking out Latino Festival, people watching is fun but forgetting my camera was sad so I stopped by Catch to say hi to a friend and have a few drinks.. it pays to know the bartender. Plus, there were still  2 hours to kill.

Returning to The Palomino I was early enough to watch Kyote and the rather interesting dance moves of a women who may have experimented a bit too much with Acid in the 60's.

Paul's video is above and definitely take a listen to Peer Supports entire album. They have another show at Broken City on August 8th. So give your ears some lovin'!

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