CIFF Opening Red Carpet Gala

Last Thursday was the opening red carpet gala and kick off to the Calgary International Film Festival. It's the first one I've gone to but certainly not the first film I've seen brought on by them. The opening film for the evening was The Grand Seduction a remake of Jean Francois-Pouliot’s 2003 film Le Grande S├ęduction (Seducing Doctor Lewis). To me it was tremendously hilarious and wonderful to see the films setting in a small Newfoundland fishing town. It brought back memories of my visits to Newfoundland (when your dad's a Newfie of course you have to visit!) Unfortunately half way through my stomach was in serious need of food, but the film was entertaining and kept me watching, it also helped that Taylor Kitsch plays the doctor and he can check my pulse any day! <spoiler alert!> The ending was light hearted and culminated the happy feelings we all were hoping for as the doctor chose to stay and save the little town.
 To me the most enjoyment came from Gordon Pinsent (who was in attendance on the red carpet!) and his one liners throughout the film. It really had the audience laughing it was a big audience!
The Jubilee was the setting for the gala and it was an amazing setting, plus I never knew it had a screen!
It's already the 25th and many of the 200+ films have already been shown but I do hope that you readers have been able to see a few or are going to see some in the remaining 3 days. Let me know what you have seen/plan to in a comment below! Sorry for the late post as it was a busy weekend (birthday fun-ness!) and the last few days of work and school have been draining so it look a bit of effort to get this post up. I will be getting back into film viewing shape on Friday with seeing Eega (Housefly), OXV: The Manual, and The Great Hip Hop Hoax on Saturday.

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