Luxury at Lexus Royal Oak

 Way back in January, the 23rd to be exact I was invited to the sneak peek of the Lexus Royal Oak location to view the new facility. After getting to the new location (A good 20 min late, I got lost and the location was not in Google maps, yet) Just my luck, of course. So I parked in front of the massive and very empty luxurious building. Empty to me.. as the tour was already happening by the parts manager Ryan, on the far right, other members on the team like the Service manager the one in the stripped skirt.. so sorry I'm horrible with names, I'll probably remember it later and will update the post. She was great to talk to about the details of the new location. One part the stuck out to me was they will have a full time person doing manicures and pedicures while you are waiting for your car to be serviced or detailed.  Pretty nice bonus and totally beats out just reading a magazine.
The tour let us see the enormous area where the service bays would be along with the vacuum room when any vehicle painted could be dried in record time. It was a bit strange to be walking through the bare location. Where there was yet to be any fancy cars (where my new car smell when I need it?) but all in all it was a unique experience to see the place on the cusp of business. The new location should be open now. for maybe all of 2-3 weeks so if you're in the market for a new luxury vehicle take a look at the Royal Oak location. Having driven a Lexus before I can honestly say it is a beautiful vehicle to drive and they is true quality in their craftsmanship.

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