Heart Truth Red Dress with NRT

The Heart Truth Fashion Show is a successful awareness campaign for women that raises funds for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. It has been annually held in Calgary for 2 years and in Toronto for six. It features some of Canada’s finest celebrities and public figures who will walk the runway wearing red coloured designs by local designers. I had the privilege to go into the designers studios and take a look at the making of the outfits and do a little Q&A. This will be a two part post and this first one I'm checking out is NRT who is creating a dress for Jari Love, fitness trainer and the creator of the Get Ripped series. She has been featured in magazines such as Fitness, Oprah, Shape and New York Times. The photos are to give you a feel for the design. I will show you the completed dress after the event... Don't want to ruin the surprise!

What inspired your creation?

The inspiration behind my creation was an actual human heart. I wanted to create something that was structural and eye catching. I used a darker red lace as my fabric to mimic human blood. 

What made you want to create a design for the event?

I think it is such a great cause and I really appreciate events that mix fashion and promote awareness for a health benefit.

Were there any special elements that went into your design?

I wanted to create a dress that was going to fit to Jari's (my celebrity) shape as well as stick to my gothic couture style. I used shoulder pads for a strong shoulder and the mermaid cut for the bottom. 

Did you take in account the person wearing your design? was there collaboration?

I designed a dress I thought would fit Jari's body type but keeping with my style and I sent Jari my sketch and she was on board! 

How long did it take to construct? What was the most difficult part?

I have worked on constructing the dress for a few weeks on and off, the most difficult part is making sure to keep into consideration comfort but keeping with an avant guard style! 

What was your favourite part of creating the dress?

My favourite part of creating the dress has been just that creating something for the runway that can be whatever i want! Now patiently waiting to see it come to life on the runway !!!! 

You can help support this cause by purchasing tickets or donating here.

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