Hedkandi 8th Ave

Last Thursday I was treated to my first blowout. Many friends have had blow outs and tell me of the amazing volume and bounce their hair has afterwards and even the day after. I very rarely get my hair cut so going in for anything beyond is even more rare. To be perfectly honest the last time my hair was styled was as a bridesmaid nearly 2 years ago.

Hedkandi is an amazing salon and this is their 3rd location. My favorite thing has to be that they use all Bumble & Bumble products. The thickening spray is incredible (I've gone through 5 bottles since I discovered it 2 years ago) and almost all of the products they used on me smelled wonderful too!

The decor of this Hedkandi differs from the other locations which have more of a minimalist or black and white style. The new location is almost like a grand hotel in the 20's all gilded gold and large botanical wall paper. With some cozy seating for those waiting for their colour to set. 

As Thursday turned out to be a busy evening for events. There was only time for me to have my hair blown out and take a few photos before I jetted off to the Double Zero opening at Chinook (post coming soon!) I missed out on stuffing my face with Jelly Modern doughnuts and adorable mini hot dogs from Tubby Dog. 

I loved the experience of getting the blowout my hair did have so much volume. It was also impressive how the style still kept so well after sleeping on it the next day. I think the next time I have a blowout I will ask for a little less product as my hair felt a little to stiff for my liking. 

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