Don't you just wish...

that we could live forever?

Sorry to be a downer..

So I have not been having the greatest week, my grandmother just passed and my family just had the funeral yesterday. Sad, as it is I'm trying to remember the fun times with her, and how she always loved going out and shopping. One of the few people who could shop for hours with me and was right there alongside checking out stuff... be it the mall, china town, street markets, she always knew where to go. Not dragging behind whining about it. She was fantastic and a clothing horse. As my aunt and mother were sorting through her things, which is a lot I must say, it just makes me miss her that much more. I've inherited three jade bracelets which I'm going to try and wear, not all at once since I'd be banging into everything. They are beautiful and remind me of her when I look at them.

Her passing just adds to the rut I'm in, not counting the fact that my computers resolution is messed I'm trying to figure out how to fix it. I did manage to take a few photos of some cool abandoned buildings. Walking on the creaky floors makes me flinch and think that I'm going to fall through. But sometime for the reward you have to sacrifice, what’s a little scare for some good shots...


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  1. Anonymous18.5.09

    So sorry to hear about your grandmother. I went to a family member's funeral two weeks ago, it's surreal. It sounds like you have wonderful memories with her and you can take comfort in the time you have spent with her.

    Glad I found your blog from my sister's blog!