Moving on

uh I'm done! absolutely done with being sad. I'm on a mission to pursue happiness to the fullest extent. Hedonist i will be. Only out for the search of instant gratification, pleasure and great finds. Outfits will be posted, delicious food will be eaten and blog reading will be done.

also I will try and complete the long list of to-do's I've been avoiding.

1. Tan
2. Work out, seriously need to get toned!
3. work, work, work. So i can get me a new laptop and camera
4. save, save, save. So when it comes time i can actually get them, and pay for my trip to NY.
5. Complete a few DIY projects that have been put off waaaay to long.
6. There are so many other things to remember! ah

so I've only been working for about 2 weeks but i already have some great buys and even more probably to come.

Shoes: Aldo $10
Purse: Vintage $10
Belts: Vintage $6 each
Top: Milly $22
Skirt: Free $0


  1. Thank you for your comment!
    Good thing that you are feeling better:)
    And I love these buys!!


  2. Anonymous19.5.09

    Welcome back! I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother though. It looks like made some great purchases. Looking forward to the outfit posts!

    xo, Becs

  3. cute stuff.. unfortunately i seem to buy buy buy and not work work work..i feel ya on getting toned..that's hard work in itself.

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