Coffee Table DIY

 Looking to revamp an old coffee table? Hate the look but can't afford to buy a new one right now? 

Well I have an easy way for you to change the look with little effort. Let me explain. I've..lets say inherited this wobbly, scratched, and dinged coffee table from my best friend and previous roommate and sadly cannot afford to buy a better one. (student budgets suck!..plus I'd rather buy shoes, honestly.)
All you need is A) fun wrapping paper and B) double sided tape. It's an easy way to change it for a season/holiday and you can peel it off and change it to another pattern. Or if you have one that you love use a waterproof sealer to make it permanent!

Vases & Tray// Value Village: Wrapping paper// Dollarama: Flowers//Safeway

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