No Peeking

Do you every get a giddy feeling just thinking about something? someone? or someplace? That's how I feel about Christmas! Ridiculous, uncontrollable, giddiness. Is that even a word giddiness?

It starts in Mid November and doesn't quit till the first week of January. Twinkle lights and cheer everywhere, seriously who could not be happy during this season? You get to see all your family and eat tons of food. I love picking out gifts for those who are special to me and wrapping them is the best part. I'll even wrap yours if you want me too! (Open offer, not kidding in the least).

Is there even a word greater then Love? because it's almost greater than love when it comes to wrapping presents beautifully, to me it is just as important as the gift inside. As you can see from the picture above I've already started wrapping! 
And as a little gift to you here is a free printable for the 'No Peeking' tags. just print on some white or cream card stock and cut them out. Easy Peasy. Ready to go!

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