Whisked Away to Polar Bear Land

 Last Thursday night I went on behalf of Calgary Fashion and was surprised by Chinook Centre along with a whole collection of local bloggers, writers, and media with a night out to see the new polar bears being installed in the North end of the new expansion. We oohed and awed at the cute sculptures crafted by Heavy Industries. We also enjoyed some delicious food and drinks at the winter oasis they created for us at the back of the building that included a real 'ice' bar and comfy chaise loungers with blankets and heat lamps to keep us cozy.
 It was a great night spent chatting with some new and old friends in the blogging community. Some people to follow and read are: Kd at The Girl with the Messy Hair; Misty at Misty Hamel ; Anneke at Anneke Forbes; Kait at Yuppie Love; Irene at Calgary is Awesome; Ryan at I'm Mr. Fabulous; Vincent at Binzento Vincente; Rupi at The Diva Lounge; Ania at Ania B
 The ice bar was nice and served up a fun themed alcoholic hot chocolate that was delicious with a hint of mint which is my favorite combination. Chocolate + mint! yum.
What I'm wearing: Peplum jacket//Purr : Mink Collar//Vintage : Shoes//Zara

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