Beauty Subscription Guessing Game

Over the last 6 months I've been testing a few of these beauty subscription sites out there like Glymm, Glossy Box and Topbox. Pretty much whatever was available in Canada. They are all a reasonable price from $10-15 a month and you are able to cancel them at any time. They all guarantee a selection of quality products, either luxury or lesser known niche brands, but I was let down by a few or they just lacked the right products for me.  

From my least to best:
Glymm Bag// this one was a let down I found most of the products unknown or simply too small of a sample to even get a good use out of them. There were way too much perfume and samples that you could get for free from a department store counter. Canceled after 2 months.

Glossy Box// it came in a very pretty box and the products were alright. Mostly things I would find in a drugstore. Though the products were nice they just were not things that I would purchase afterwards. I canceled this one in September and they have now increased the price from $15 to $21 which is a little high for me, but they might have some better luxury samples now.

Topbox // there is a huge wait list for this one because it's pretty darn good. Even though their price is going up from $10 to $12 I'm still getting my moneys worth. The picture above is my November Topbox. A full size China Glaze polish, Benefit mascara (about 1/3 the original), Pari lipgloss/stain (this is almost full size), and Lovestruck perfume. I'm not a fan of perfume in a tube because it gets all over your hands when you try to open it, but this was a generous size and the smell was pleasant.

Maybe I should do an opening video.. hmm I'll thinking about it for December. There seem to be quite a few of them on Youtube already.

Anyways, what do you think about beauty subscriptions? are you subscribed to Topbox? I'd love to know what you got!

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