Make Merry

Christmas is just around the corner! I'm giddie with excitement and hoping everything will be ready. After exams I took a little time to relax, get some shopping done and celebrate with friends. With only 6 days left it's been a packed time of festive joy in the apartment. It always smells like cookies and we have watched hours of holiday movies. Luckily all the shopping has been done, cards have been mailed, and all that's left was to pack up some baked goods. These tins will be going to family and both of my boyfriends parents. I chose 2 cookies this year for storage and easy transportation as they have to make it to Medicine Hat and High River (cakes are a bad idea for me) my last misadventure involved a fruit platter. My car just doesn't like anything loose or slidy... maybe thats a sign i'm a bad driver? who knows! Ha.

These tins were also an easy DIY if you are a stickler like me when it comes to a favorite colour or things matching and/or complementing. All you need are some cheap tins and a can of spray paint in a colour of your choice. The tins were from value village, and I can almost guarantee any thrift store has them for .50 to $1.

For recipes:
Red Velvet Cookie go here.
Pumpkin Snickerdoodle go here.

Anyways, I'm off to Zoolights tonight as it's an annual tradition with my friends. The night will also involve a photo-bombing Ryan Reynolds (will explain later) I'll let you guys just stew and imagine what's happening.

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  1. Anonymous3.1.13

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I ADORE your Christmas present DIY, great recipes too. Hugs!