Be Mine Cupcakes

I haven't baked at all since the holidays well because my parents cooked everything and sent me home with so much food and candy. I love Lindt and Turtle chocolates and everyone thought to give me a box of them. So I was set for a few weeks. After finishing the last Turtle I was suddenly hit with the need to bake cake, cupcakes to be more specific. Such a sugar addict!
Since Valentines is the next big holiday for you and your special person. Or if the thought of this holiday repels you, screw it and bakes these delicious cupcakes and eat them all yourself! I won't tell.

On to the cupcakes! because that's probably all you cared about and not my ramblings..

Butter pecan cupcake with creme cheese icing and a white chocolate heart.
Recipes are linked above as posting them would make this very long. I coloured the icing with some red gel, but if you don't have that a couple of drops of red food colouring will work too. The heart shapes were made by melting some white bakers chocolate and piping it into a heart shaped mold. The one I used is an old ice cube mold from Ikea, which I still think they sell for $1-2.

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