February Project

At the end of January I was hit with a need to craft and really get out and create something fun and unique. My roommate and I have had many discussions of setting up a booth at a market and selling some of the goods we have made. She's a photographer so naturally that would be included, but what did I want to make? I love baking, but more as a hobbie and to give as gifts to friends at the moment. What I really wanted to avoid was having to bake large batches of cookies/cupcakes the night before or morning of..for freshness of course! and considering that my time is limited because of school baking might be a bit too time consuming. So it came to the conclusion of CANDLES!

I have created some custom candle designs and used an assortment of vintage images for the final product. So stay tuned for when we begin selling these at the market. In the mean time if you cannot wait to purchase them they are available on Etsy here.