New Steps

Continuing on my redecorating crusade is a new TV table. I purchased this over the weekend from and estate sale for $30. A bit of tinkering and removing the tube TV, I created a shelving for my movies and DVD player. Looking at the photo I'm beginning to see why my boyfriend wants me to get a new TV. Though dated it still works fine. I'm not that tech forward besides a good laptop and phone the rest could be 10 years old and it wouldn't matter. Vintage Holt Renfrew hangers were also picked up at the estate sale. The shoes are from Zara and reminded me of Theyskens Theory designs.  


  1. Love the shoes! And the T.V. stand : ). I have an older T.V. too but it works just fine!

  2. The shoes are so chic, girl. As for TVs, I don't even have one. Netflix on my macbook works just fine!

  3. hangers are amazing! so jealous ;)