Burst Calgary: Glass Couture

Saturday night was my first experience with glass couture. It was a collection of pieces from designers across the globe and locals that worked in partnership with and is a fundraiser for, the Museum of Contemporary Art Calgary.
 Jin Won Hans 'Rain' is a cloud headpiece with glass rain drops and Erina Kashihara's performance art was created to push peoples personal boundaries with illuminated chest pieces using an RGB lighting system. My favorite has to be FarLee Mowats 'Structures of Self' that incorporates formed leather and glass. I've got a weakness for leather harnesses so it was right up my ally. Of course there was a bit of controversy with Elisabeth Cartwrights glass phallus that garnished much attention, but the model wore it with confidence and really sold it to the audience! Overall my experience was great and I really enjoyed the different crowd and incredibly designed artwork.  
What I'm wearing: Zara Jacket / Aldo Shoes / BCBG Skirt
Last but not least! here is the amazing video that Paul Spenard created in junction with my site The Mavric for Burst Calgary!

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