Tiffany & Co. Blue Book Collection 2013

Last night was a glamorous one, where I tried on amazing pieces from the Tiffany & Co. Blue Book Collection 2013 while drinking champagne and of course eating the adorable chocolate covered strawberries. Pieces were shiny and definitely deserved being placed in that pale blue box. Everything was beautiful and I tried on as many pieces as I could, unfortunately my photo of the $727,000 ring got corrupted or who knows what. Oh well, it's better for my boyfriend not to know, he would likely have a heart attack if he saw it on my finger, but only because of the price. This event was an extension of the Ball held in New York and the pieces were brought especially in for our viewing and for select customers. They were only there for the evening and were to be quickly and safely swept away to what I can only assume is another glamorous viewing.  
Calgary Fairmont Palliser Oval Room
I would have to get a loan out for this bracelet!
My post work outfit. Threw on some heels in the car and was out! 
Shoes: Aldo / Sweater : Winners - Belldini / Pants: Forever21 
Kait from Yuppielove holding the blue book
 Phoebe Cheng from Sing Tao Newspaper wearing cute mismatched shoes! they were great contrasted with the carpeting.
Bloggers Anneke and Becky looking lovely!

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