Royal Tea Party Baby Shower

I'm going to be honest the thought of having my own babies scares the living daylights out of me right now, but I do understand the draw that women have. When that maternal instinct kicks in and the cute coos of a new born are meant to be shared and adored by every family member and friend in the vicinity. What I'm happy to take part in is a celebration of one very royal baby who will be joining this world in July, and will definitely be watch by all.

This past Sunday was probably the closest I will ever get to being invited to the royal baby shower of Kate and William. It was a little slice of what it could feel like to be invited and enjoying the perks of being in the inner circle of the Duchesses friends and family... without actually knowing her or being in Britain of course. In attendance were an array of mothers and daughters up to 3 generation. The Fairmont Palliser was able to give myself and I'm sure all the other ladies in the room a memorable experience in the beautiful crystal ballroom with a delicious tea party, Violinist Sophie Serafino serenading us with some classical music, and an exclusive performances from the School of Alberta Ballet to soften the blow of my non-existent invite from Kate.

Hats and fascinators adorned the heads of well-dressed ladies chatting about baby gifts and potential baby names all while they sipped glasses of Moet or picked from the array of specialty teas. My choice was an Orange Pineapple that was perfect with a bit of honey. Many guest also brought baby gift donations for the Ronald McDonald House. Honestly the hats were one of my favourite parts. They ranged in an assortment of styles from simple floppy hats with flowers and ribbons to classic fascinators that rivaled Phillip Treacey designs and the homemade DIY projects like Misty Hamel, Jane Round, and myself. We created out hats with a pinch of creativity and uniqueness that rivaled the others. Anyways, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves…  
Above: Camilla Di Giuseppe, Becky Kung (Velvet & Vino), Sophie Serefino (Violinist), Daniela Coudreanu (Calgary Herald), June Round, Myself, Tessa Lerbekmo-Joyes (Fashion Sign), and on the end Anna Basak (Fashion Calgary)

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