Right On Target

It has officially been one week since the opening of 3 Target locations in our city (Market Mall, Chinook Centre, and Forest Lawn) and Shawnessy opened today. So what do you think? I can tell you what I think! The essence is there and so are some of the low prices, you can snag some cute summer dresses from 19.99-29.99 and get a stylish pair of sandals for 24.99. I visited the Market Mall and Chinook locations to see if there would be any difference in product depending on location, there was not much difference, and layout was about the same. I was not a fan of the rather small grocery section being located on the second floor. It felt awkward and as if they didn't even want it. But considering my last trip to Montana my choice buys from Target have always been housewares, clothing, and shoes. So I can live without it... unless they bring in Fruity Pebbles then I'd be all over those! Considering the exchange rate of the Canadian dollar I expected some prices to be lower and more competitive. Comparing prices in my head, electronics and entertainment are on par with prices at Wal-Mart and Best Buy. So expect to get some more interesting products like the Nate Berkus collection, Sam & Libby, C9 by Champion to name a few, but not the wow of some prices when you head to Montana. 

A few favorite item spotted at Target:

Romper: 24.99 / Bath Towel: 12.99 / Eiffel Tower Lamp: 39.99 / Vanilla Bean Candle: 7.79 / Sandals: 24.99 / Rechargeable Speaker: 59.99

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