Hello, J. Crew

J. Crew at Chinook Centre officially celebrated its opening last night with a store filled with summer colours, vibrant prints, and champagne! Though it has been open for 2 weeks already they were unable to get Tom Mora until now. And what could be better then getting a private tour with the Head of Women's Design for J. Crew? there's shopping and then there's shopping with Tom Mora and a 30% discount. 
Flying conceptual art created by ACAD students Dylan Manson, Kelsy Hughes, Laura Sand, and Nikki Stephens is titled 'Now Arriving' stretches across 4 windows and is made from paper airplanes banded together.
Great selection of scarfs and hats. The one above I'm in love with and might have to go back for!
Wearing my new Corey Lynn Calter Top from Anthropologie. I didn't own anything from J. Crew at that moment but I sure do now.
 Beautiful statement jewelry. Tom totally recommends every women should have a statement necklace, and I completely agree!
If you have not already get yourself to the new J. Crew! their summer collection is filled with colour and great basics or get some work staples if you pessimistic about the current state of the weather.

Also, stay tuned for my video Q & A with Tom Mora coming soon! 

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  1. Great post! Glad we got to shop a little together :)

    xo Ashley