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Here is another design post for you lovely readers if you didn't get enough in February. As my site is about lifestyle and the things that happen in my life it absolutely includes my love of interior design and DIYing art for my home. Not that is has seemed that way in the last couple posts, FASHION OVERLOAD! Anyways, the last couple of months have left my apartment in chaos and, well frankly it still is in chaos. Pieces are slowly being added and existing things are being moved around. My roommate has been a good sport about all of this and labels it as my 'Zen' moving around. Haha, all I can picture is a wispy ectoplasmic version of myself floating around my apartment. Since I'm neither dead or in-between worlds, my mind tends to envision strange things, time to get back in gear and finish the decorating. Oh well, here are some design inspirations that are helping me finish decorating.   
 I'm in love with the above plexi glass cases! finally found a storage idea that would showcase my records.
If only my desk was this clean, but that will never happen.

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