Video Interview: Tom Mora Head of Womenswear Design @JCrew

This week has been the craziest and most devastating for my family, friends, and many communities in Calgary and most of all my home town of High River. The sheer chaos of the flood water has left thousands displaced and an entire town wondering 'when can we go home? and can we rebuild?' Currently my parents are staying with me, more like trapped in limbo. Trying to comprehend the damage to their business, home, and multiple vehicles. Though many things lost were only material the business was their source of income and the home contained many irreplaceable items that are truly missed. I am so grateful for the many people taking care of our city and making it a safe place for people to go home. It makes me appreciate Calgary seeing all the people volunteer and band together in this time of destruction. Rather then cowering away in fear hoping it will pass. This is not something that will pass easily for those affected so all the help and care people are giving is a relief and gives me hope that in time we will be complete again.   

On a happier note here is the highlight of last week before the flood hit. The J. Crew event at its first Calgary location in Chinook Centre and view my video interview with Tom Mora!

Sweater : Bracelet // J. Crew
Necklace // c/o J. Crew


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your family Linda, I can certainly relate with my fam in HR as well! Beautiful video, thank you so much for capturing this interview, I was sad to miss this event however your vid was a terrific way to capture that for me. Hugs and thinking about you!!!!

    1. Aww thanks Becky:) I didn't know your fam was in Hr too! I hope they were one of the lucky ones that were dry!

  2. You did such a great job on this video!

    Hope things are getting better for your family in High River.

    xo Ashley