Tiffany & Co. Atlas Has Time on His Shoulders

The Atlas collection has been around since 1995 and Tiffany & Co. has given it a bit of an update with some major additions to the classic collection. After a press preview last week my favourites were all the rosegold pieces and the oversized roman numeral bracelets. There were some very reasonably priced pieces like the Bar Pendant and Lariet, the rings were versatile and I was told have been used as wedding bands. I have to say the simplicity of the line makes many of the pieces stackable (like my last 2 image) and interchangeable with jewellery you may already own. Also, the addition of some micro diamonds gives the Pierced Bracket a little Tiffany sparkle without being obscene.   

All the items pictured are available now at Tiffany & Co. 

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