Making Statements

 A girl does need a little bling in her life! Oh gosh I never thought I would say that... or anything pertaining to diamonds but when it comes to costume jewels I say go all the way! As my wardrobe changes and becomes more refined. The pieces that are usually purchases are ones that are simple and built to last. Not so many trendy items or crazy impulse purchases, what I'm trying to say is my wardrobe direction is going more classic but with a few embellishments like a more unique cut or texture to fabrics. My comfort lies in chambray shirts, black skinny jeans, and button down blouses. Very french and toned down from my teens when the latest new trend was always purchased and my closet was stuffed with a hectic miss match of bondage dresses, neon prints, and every colour of hoodie imaginable. What I really enjoy now is adding statement jewellery, a little ring there, a pop of colour with the flick of my hair, or a bold necklace to take my daytime outfit of blouse and black jeans to cocktail party or fashion event. 
The above necklace could dress up a boring grey sweatshirt and jeans and turn it into a fashion dream. The little bit of raffia on the bottom gives it the ability to look casual and polished.
I recently received this Frilly Lilly necklace as a birthday gift, I've only begun thinking of ways to style it. With all it's warm reds it's just perfect for fall. Turtle necks and sweaters would be made for this one. 
Boom! That was my first thought when I opened up the box from J. Crew that contained this necklace a few months back. And to be honest my first thought was 'How am I going to wear this? So. Much. Bling' It hung on my jewellery rack for weeks until it was styled with a dress for a friends wedding. But don't you think it would go great with a chambray and really add some spin to a simple outfit.
Ohh now these earrings are also new. I loved the combination of textures and stones that give it a casual beauty all while still making a statement. What it says to me is ... 'You can wear me with a cocktail dress but what I really want you to do is wear a striped top and cute ballet flats'. Great advice don't you think?
Lastly are my favourite though heavy on the ears pair. I love the raw stone and how you can see the veins to the rocks, it's much better then a polished diamond in my opinion.


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