A Little Bit of Taboo

In times of financial restraint women are often found to splurge less on designer clothing and accessories and more on luxury makeup or skincare. My splurge is on nail polishes. I find it relaxing to paint my nails once a week (when possible) and buying a Chanel colour like Taboo is about the cost of a manicure and I get quite a few more applications. As I'm trying to save for a holiday it's going to be a lot less shoes and probably some more small luxuries like polishes.

I feel in love with the colour while passing the Chanel counter before the holidays. But my rule around Christmas is do not buy anything for yourself. So I waited and got it last week. It reminds me of some dark crushed stardust and the moments before dusk becomes night. Deep and lovely.

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  1. That my friend, is a gorgeous color! Thanks for stopping by Patti Cake and liking my St. Patty's Day nails!!! Don't be a stranger!