Unfold with Kristie: Booty Barre Ballet

Have you every had such an intense workout that you though your legs and butt were going to fall off? or at the very least, the thought if moving out of you bed the next morning brings you so much soreness that it might be better just to keep laying there? Well that's what I was going through my mind Jan 5th. After a year.. who am I kidding definitely more then a year of not working out I jumped at trying my friend Kristie's Booty Barre class (New Years resolution to get fit and eat better. I'm sure some of you reading this have the exact same one!) Her first official class was on Jan 4th, hence the soreness on the 5th. Shes made some drastic changes recently by leaving her downtown life and followed her dream of creating a career in an industry she loves. Shes created Unfold with Kristie, providing some exceptional Yoga + Barre classes at the West Hillhurst Community Centre. Which is about 3 blocks from my home so I really cannot be lazy!
The biggest hurdle I think will be fitting working out into my schedule. Its really needs to be set in stone, written in calendars, alarms set, and not letting friends talk me into eating out so much. That last one is tough. I do LOVE food!
I've just finished my second class and let me tell you that one felt much better then the first. Getting my body back into shape might just be easier than I though. Plus having to plie and point my toes at every kick might give me a little more gracefulness 

For more information and the class schedule visit: Unfold with Kristie 
And to make your decision or New Years resolution easier the first class, yoga or barre is FREE!

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