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This spring I'm throwing in some floral. I was recently contacted by a Jamberry rep and sent the Imperial Matte pattern to review. Jamberry is a company founded by 3 sisters who found paying for manicures at the salon expensive and thought of a way to offer a more cost effective but still beautiful nails. There are over 300 different nail designs/wraps that you will love! I have tried nail strips from Sally Hansen and Butter London before so the application is familiar to me. The Jamberry strips are a bit thicker than the Sally Hansen brand so it does require a heat tool (blow dryer) to make them more flexible for your application. 
What you will need:
Clean nails
Base coat
Nail file
Blow dryer
cuticle pusher 
or just something that has a flat edge to smooth out the strips onto the nail - I just used the end of the nail file
I cut the strips in half for maximum usability. If you do this you can have up to 4 sets of applications with a single package
I would heat the strip for about 5 seconds before applying to the nail. Using the file or cuticle pusher smooth out the edges. My nails curve down a little at the end so it's sometimes difficult when the strip wants to go straight. What I do is pull down at the end so it stretches a little and gets it to sit smother and curve with my nail. If you have a similar shaped nail I would strongly suggest doing that to get the best adhesion.

With a downward motion using the nail file, file away the remaining end bits. If it's pretty long trim off the end until it's more manageable to file away.
And tada! the finished product. Only took about 20 minutes and had 1 set back, I stuck a strip on crooked and had to reapply a new one since the first one took the base-coat polish of with it too. But other than that there are at least 2-3 more applications left. As you can see there are some bigger sizes at the end of the package so you can also do your toe nails to match! It's going (hopefully) into spring/summer here so sandal time!

To shop the style visit Jamberrynails.net they have a special going on right now: Buy 3 get one free. The cost is much more practical than going to the salon all the time and since you can get up to 4 applications per package.. it's a steal! 

As for the wear time for the nail strips I found them to still be good now and they have been on since last Friday. Though I'm pretty rough with my nails and there are a few spots that are lifting. This might be from hand washing dishes because I don't have a dish washer and that always wears down my nails faster.

To make your shopping easier because they do have over 300 styles here are some of my favs:
 Mint Green Chevron | Black & White Skinny | Aztec Evening | Etched Leaf | Watermelon | Feminine Flare | Step with Style

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  1. If anyone would like to try a sample, please get in touch! You can reach me via email (amber@amberroy.com) or by phone (403-890-9768).

    Would be more than happy to share tips and tricks for the application process! :)