Spring Switch Up: Low Cost Ways to Refresh Your Space

Thanks to pinterest it's so easy to create inspiration boards that contain hundreds of photos of spaced and things we all want to redecorate with and acquire. The only problem is the budget. Not everyone can afford a $5000 sofa or a marble coffee table without some major credit. And what if we get tired of the style or just want to refresh what we already have. Well this is where these tips can come in handy. For those on a budget or if you simply love what you have and just want to give it a new life. These are some ways to change up your space without a lot of investment. It's officially spring and what better way to enjoy it than refreshing your space.

1. Vintage/retro hunt: I often find myself stopping by Value Village or surfing online on Kijiji for great retro pieces (I love mid century) and sometimes you can find great deals. Like the pink chair in the photo above, it was $10! Other good ideas are estate sales, the turquoise bench the books are sitting on was from and estate sale (it used to be orange, a little spray paint and tada!) and something not pictured is my TV stand, it actually used to be a tube TV hutch and it still has a working radio and record player inside. 

2. Bargain shop: Great style doesn't mean you have to go to expensive boutiques and department stores. There are so many low cost options like Target, Homesense, Ikea, and even Walmart. I've found so many pieces from Homesense I don't even think of shopping at boutiques anymore and Target has some great lines. The Nate Berkus collection is my favourite. The tray from the last picture is from that collection and is on sale right now. 

3. Rearrange things: Sometimes the reason we get bored with the things we have is because they have not moved in months and seeing thing the same way can be stagnating. So move things around! Switch up pictures hanging on your walls. Move your furniture. I have one corner in the living room that always gets changed. One month it could be a table with photos and tiny treasures and the next is a comfy chair and funky cushion. Whatever suits your mood.    

4. Put things in unexpected places: Add a little dash of quirky and uniqueness to your spaces by having something unexpected. Like hanging lamps with art on the walls or having jewelry as your coffee table accent. They are beautiful things in interesting places. Adds a little something don't you think? It breaks up the monotony and gets people asking questions or at the very least lets you have some fun.

5. Little additions: Lastly are the little add on's. I'm a big believer in adding little accents to a space, place, nook, cranny, table, etc. It fills things out and they and are usually inexpensive items like candles, pillows, trays, jars, and baubles. These items add colour or accent the space around them. Plus the smell of a new candle can completely change a space too.

I hope these tips will help you this spring and give you a little inspiration without breaking the bank.

Happy decorating!

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