New Balance 420

The era of comfortable and stylish footwear is here. While looking through other blogs and street style photos the number of flat shoes is climbing. Not to say the number of women teetering on stilettos will ever decrease but women seem to be finding stylish and comfortable shoes to wear in any situation now a days. I'm not tall, 5'3 is very not tall and for the longest time I have thought that anyone under 5'4 needs a boost and should wear a little heel. But maybe with age comes not caring about what others think and if feeling good in a pair of stylish sneakers or flat ankle boots is how I'm feeling that day then that is exactly what I'm going to wear!

I have fallen in love with looks like this and this so thus began my search for black or burgundy New Balance sneakers. It was a hard search as every online store was sold out in my size or only had bright colour combos. luckily my local consignment store had a brand new pair in my size and in the perfect black/grey combo! so my comfortable/stylish shoe dreams have been fulfilled and just in time for Tuesdays +20 weather jump. Sorry for the dirty patio. These have been the first few days of good weather and the patio has finally defrosted, so i'll be cleaning it very shortly. 

Outfit: Dress: H&M // Belt: Moschino // Shoes: New Balance 420

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