Day to Night and Rock & Roll in Pink Tartan

I've spent the last couple days obsessed with Pink Tartan and decided to play around with some pieces. The collection boasts some amazing dresses perfect for day to night wear and the washable collection of pants, tops, and dresses really make it easier to take care of luxury pieces without constantly having to go to the dry cleaners. I love wearing the neon dress (last pic) not only because it is washable but it is incredibly versatile, sexy, and most of all comfy! 

The light weight sweaters are butter soft and are great tucked into skirts or simply worn with their stretch dress pants. My go to combo is a tight pant with the sweater. The outfit just says chic without any fuss.  I really want to go out to a jazz bar in this outfit but the only Jazz bar in the city has changed and is now headlining country/folk music. Though folk is alright it's a hard pass for country music for me.

A women needs a wardrobe that is versatile and can take her from day to night for those parties, events, drinks, dinners, dates, and everything else in between.

Dress: Snow Leopard // Knit Top: Key Hole Crew Neck // Pants: Legging // Dress: Gwyneth

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