DIY: Plexi Glass Wall Art

I'm always changing things in the apartment. Either moving things around or putting things in interesting places. Sometimes it's creating something so it can evolve that it really makes my day. I came across the idea for these hanging boards while browsing a few different sites and of course Pinterest. Some bulldog clips were spray painted funky colours or they used a variety of materials like metal sheeting or wood for the backing. My direction is more simple. I went to the local Home Depot and purchased a large acrylic sheet (18 x 24 inches) and cut it into 4 pieces. Of course you can purchase pre-cut pieces but I found I saved quite a bit by cutting them myself. You can watch this handy video on how to do it. The clips are from staples.

There's not much explaining that needs to be done for this DIY. It's as simple as cut, clip, and hang. The fun part is that you can constantly change the items that are clipped. You don't have to put photos in a frame and it's so simple to pull you favourite clippings from a magazine and have them hanging in a second!

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