DIY: Wood & Gold Jewelry Holder

If you're like me you love to collect bits and bobs of jewelry that are cute and pretty but often gets forgotten because it gets buried in a box and when I'm rushing out the door it often gets left behind. An amazing outfit without the right accessories can be akin to an unfinished piece of art. Plus, when you complete this DIY your jewelry will look like art hanging from your lovely new wood and gold jewelry display.
 What you will need:

1-1/2 inch wood blocks - the size is up to you if you want to make a bigger statement used bigger blocks.
Wooden dowels - you can also use copper pipe. I couldn't find ones the right width in comparison to the wooden blocks so the wood dowels worked well with some gold paint.
Gold Paint & brush
Super Glue - gel formula is best and one that dries clear
wood stain - whatever colour you like. The one used for this project was chestnut.
Claw hooks - for hanging to the wall. Depending on how permanently you want these stuck to the wall you can also use the super glue to attach it. However if you want to simply cover a nail hole versus whatever taking off super glue might damage it's up to you. In other words if you're renting, sticking super glue to the wall is probably not a good idea.
 Start by staining the wood blocks and painting the wood dowels. I found that 1 coat was enough for the blocks and 2-3 was needed for the dowels to get the right shade of gold. Remember to do this in a well ventilated area. I did it by my patio with the door wide open. 

Once everything is dry after 2-3 hours or the next day. Attach one gold painted dowel to the centre of a block with the super glue. I used a ruler to make sure everything was glued together evenly.

It's as simple as that! Once again if you can't find the flat claw hooks for the backs you can used super glue to attach them to a wall. But it will be difficult to remove and probably will take off some paint so make sure you know what you are prepared to fix.

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