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I'm refreshed and back from my vacation in Vancouver (check out my Instagram feed for all the enviable beach photos, sorry. Not really.) and ready to talk favourite products. As you may have read in previous posts my splurges are usually on shoes and great products. I can't imagine spending $500+ dollars on Prada pants but I'm perfectly willing to spend the money on the perfect makeup removing clothes, primer that makes my eye shadow last, and mascara that actually thicken and elongates my lashes (oh the curses of being Chinese and having short lashes). Anyways here is a list of products I love and cannot live without!

Fresh - Sugar Lip Treatment - This lip chap is one that will forever remain in my re-buy list when it runs out it has a velvety texture and doe not stick to my hair when it gets windy. Plus, it comes in so many shades that you can get the perfect red, pink, or clear to suit you style.

Bumble & Bumble - Surf Hair Spray - If you love beachy waves this is the spray for you. I apply this after towel drying my hair and while blow-drying I scrunch my hair up side down to get the perfect beach tousled look. 

Urban Decay - Eye Shadow Primer - Don't need many words to explain this one as i'm sure many of you are already using this product and swear by it. For the ones who have yet to try this miracle potion. Get your butt to the store! if you want your eye shadow to last all day, yes I said all day, AND including the possiblity of a dance party on a Saturday night. This will make you carefully applied smoky eye stay.
MAC - Prep & Primer - For skin that is pore perfection and ready for any make-up this product is a must. It makes you skin glow and really lasts.

The Body Shop -Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask - This mask helps rejuvenate my skin when used 1-2 times a month. It's perfect for my combination/oily skin and makes your face feel baby soft in just 10 minutes!

MAC - Illuminating powder - highlight your cheekbones and face with this power or use as a light blush for a natural look. It's guaranteed to give you a glow that's envied by all.

Korres - Make-up Wipes - My go to scent is pomegranate. Honestly it smells so good! with skin that's so sensitive that almost every cleanser causes breakout/burning sensations (actually, I've been burnt before from the chemicals in some cleansers) this I've have found to be the most gentle.
Chanel - Press Powder - the perfect finishing touch after applying foundation or to reduce the shine throughout the day it can go on heavy or light and the texture is phenomenal!

Kiehl's - Ultra Facial Moisturizer - My skin gets incredibly dry during our Calgary winters and this the lotion cures it all my dry skin problems. In the summer I use a little less but it always gets applied before make-up.

Lorac - Dreamy Eye Shadow - I'm not going to lie this shadow has been with me for years and was given to me by my best friend. It's probably WAY past its expiration date and only gets used for very special 'Smokey Eye' is required events. But whenever it gets used it's like no-otherm and the colour is so buildable no one can argue with a sexy smokey eye that does not make you look like a raccoon.  

Dior - Diorshow Mascara Waterproof - yes I wear waterproof all the time because 1: watery eyes from seasonal allergies 2: oily eyelids. Yup I said it. Sure it's a $30 mascara and my friends will recommend 10+ other mascaras that might work. I know this one does. Plus, I always add it to Christmas lists and birthday lists so I'm usually stocked.

Enough of my blabbing and tell me what products you cannot live without! 

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