Stampede Style with Plenty

Spirits are running high in the west and the Stampede parade has just finished. It's time to dust off those cowboy boots and get your YEE-HAW's ready for 10 days of western filled fun. I've paired up with Plenty to bring you a stylish Stampede ready outfit that's not too kitschy but has all the essence of Stampede with pieces you can wear again. I honestly thought I would need to drive to the stampede grounds for a good setting, but after leaving with my roommate to location scout. Driving only 3 minutes away from the apartment we scored and found an old school house with the perfect amount of charm!
The weather didn't want to be on my side unfortunately and after 20 minutes of trying to keep my eyes open from the blazing sun (it was honestly 31 degrees out yesterday!) or the wind blowing in my eyes. There was some serious squishy face action happening in 99% of the photos.  

So if you are searching for the perfect stampede dress or the denim to spend the next 10 days in visit Plenty! All denim is 20% off from July 4-13th. Yes, that includes sale items!   

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