Pink Skirts and Pink Stripes

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the long delay in posts. Its been a while and an incredibly busy month. Full or change and some exciting news (If you are following on Facebook & Instagram you will already know, but there will be a post coming soon about my big plans!) I've been moving and have realized that I have too much stuff, and it needs to be slimmed down. I'm approaching life with a minimalist attitude and it really makes me question why I have so much stuff that collects mountains of dust. Yeah, it's not helping my allergies either. 

Come Saturday I'll be leaving my apartment, and it's been a great 4 years there! It will be greatly missed, but for my next adventure it sadly cannot come with me. Since the move it almost done this means time for more posts! YAY! 

It's already the end of August. Where did the summer go? Yesterday was a cool and rainy day so I thought I would post something fall-esq to inspire a flirty attitude as we go into colder temperatures. The location is a favourite of mine in the city, and was originally known as "Beaulieu", the French meaning "beautiful place" those who recognize it will know it as Lougheed House. My thought was that the pink of the boiled wool skirt, very warm by the way, would balance the long trench and add some colour to an otherwise muted pallet. I really like neutrals and black & white, but adding colour cheers a person up when you realize summer is coming to an end. 

  Jacket: H&M (similar) // Shirt: Pink Tartan // Skirt: Pink Tartan // Shoes: Zara (similar)

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