London: Has it been a month already?!

Well it's been made apparent to me by my parents, close friends, new friends, and all the new people met in passing that it has been a month since I arrived. September 22, 2014 was the day that my adventure began in London. Give or take a few days, but considering it feels like a wink in time a lot has happened! So much so that I've lost track of time, my plans after writing this post are simply to do more adventuring!
So here's my update for the family, friends, and curious wanderers: (i.e. the Q&A's)

Why did you move to London? 
Well first off why not?! It's a beautiful city that's a historical hub that connects so many parts of the world. Shakespeare was born here (okay it was Stratford-upon-Avon, but close enough) , some of the worlds most famous landmarks are here, Harry Potter (nuf said), I can go to a theater show every night of the week. There are markets in every major borough. The tubes, buses, and rail can get me anywhere in this city so really what else can I say.

But in actuality, why did I move to London?
It was a feeling. Ya I know, wonderfully vague. Ever since I was 16, something about London has always fascinated me and after finishing school it was really time to do something insane, drop everything and take this adventure before responsibilities could hold me down. It was the magic of a huge metropolis, being lost in the crowds, spending hours in museums, cheap flights all around Europe, riding double Decker buses like a local. Though my confidence might make people think this was an easy decision it was far from it. I'm scared crazy some days by how far all my family and close friends are. How if anything happens it has to be figured out on my own. The good thing is I've met an incredible amount of people on the same journey as me. Thanks to BritBound, they've help me get established and go do things with everyone else new to this crazy city.
What Have I done so far?
Rather than ramble off a list of touristy attractions which you can see from above pictures. I'll fill you in on the things that make me feel like I'm becoming a Londoner and not just a traveler on an extended vacation. Not to worry though, there were will be plenty of FB and instagram updates on the places that are scratched off my bucket list.

The things that make me feel like a Londoner:
1. Dancing till my feet hurt - That happened this last, last Friday night. Somewhere between The King of Ladies Man cocktail bar (if you want a 70's themed cocktail, this is the place) and fittingly I was wearing a jumpsuit, complete coincidence, and the next place which had a great basement area that we all chose to dance in. It was a good night. Scratch that, there were nachos, it was spectacular.

2. Getting frustrated with tourists on the tube - Ya, I'm one to be talking since my experience boils down to a month of tube and bus hopping. (there's some sarcasm in that comment if you weren't sure). I've already caught myself thinking, why is this taking so long to get through the exit, as confused tourists try to tap an oyster or put their ticket through the reader all whilst rolling their luggage after them that takes up the space of two people. Oh and not to mention when their luggage gets stuck in the arms of the exit gate. It's official I've become a jaded tube rider.

3. Love on the tube - Every day you're faced with the heartbreak of falling in love with 10-15 fellow riders and if they end up changing tubes like you are, the agony continues.

4. I have a real address - I've been buying 1 postcard at every touristy attraction so friends and family can look forward to a card in about 5-7 days, and of course feel free to send care packages. I have a major craving for Cheetos and Coffee Crisps. My neighbourhood is pretty awesome too, it's 6 minutes walk from Hyde Park and Lancaster Station, 4 minutes from Paddington Station. Zone 1 - i.e. very central. It's pretty dreamy at the moment.

5. Drinking a lot - The past month I've had more drinks than in the past 2 years! (Don't tell my mom, please!) It seems to be the social thing around here. Plus, quite often it's cheaper to get a pint than a Coke. Really. With pubs chains like Wetherspoons it's hard to say no when a pint is only an extra Pound on your meal. Spoons, here I come!

Well that should be enough for now and to let anyone who's reading know I'm alive and starry eyed! every corner of this amazing place I'm in is a new adventure and I can only hope to experience a fraction of them.

xx Linda

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