Happy Holidays with Tiffany & Co.

This years Tiffany and Co. held a holiday gathering in the intimate settings of the Christine Klassen Gallery filled with beautiful landscape art and iconic jewelry. Sorry for the fuzzy images. I ran from work, to my apartment, and to the event. Of course forgetting my camera. 
One section of the gallery showcased some brilliant pieces that included this huge ring. With a price tag of $22,000 I was most definitely eyed by security the entire time trying it on.
 Always need a few photos with fellow blogger and incredibly stylish ladies!
Photo taken by Daniela Emanuela. With the lovely Karolina, Rupi, Anneke, Becky, Kara, me, and Joyce
The humming bird through the magnifying glass is one of my favorite pieces from the gallery. There were a few others that had butterflies.
Here's some evidence of trying on various pieces. These are from the Atlas collection which is also in a previous post.
Our little gift to take home. I was anticipating a crystal ornament as is usual from the past Tiffany events around the holidays. But, we were all happily surprised with something wearable.


  1. I love the last ring you tried, it's very cute and I love he bracelet version of it :) Saw it in Vogue yesterday! haha xx


    1. I love them too Leena! The Atlas collection is really lovely :)