Ikea Rast Hack/DIY

I've been sitting on this Ikea hack for well over a year now. I'm guessing the images got shuffled around with some old pictures and was lost and forgotten about! So imagine my surprise when I looked over to my left (that's where it sits next to my bed) and thought... "hmm did I ever post about this DIY?" and BOOM realization hit. No I had not! so after some searching the images were found and all you lovely readers can find out how I changed this....

Into this!

What you will need:
Rast drawer Chest  - $40
Wood stain - mine is by Minwax in the colour English Chestnut
White high gloss paint - mine was some left over trim & door paint just in basic white.
Ring pulls - I purchased mine form Lee Valley in the 51mm size. They're pretty cheap at $2.90-3.30 each.
Washers - the ring pulls length is a little longer than the thickness of the wood doors so you will need a few washers to make up the space to make them a tight fit. 
Varnish - I used an aerosol version to apply 1-2 coats. I always have a glass of water on my night stand so this was a must.

It's pretty straight forward on putting this one together. I strongly suggest staining and painting all the pieces before putting them together to get the best coverage.

When applying the stain I used a tea towel and for the paint on the doors I used a roller which was far easier to get even coats on than trying to use a brush. 

This is a great project to heighten the look of an inexpensive side table and in total the cost was around $70 with all the supplies.. also factoring some of the thing I already had.

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