Coconut Green Tea Popsicles

It's been a hot couple of days here in Calgary and I'm sure many of you are enjoying stampede and everything that it involves. With the weather being so amazing it makes us all want to find the best way to cool off a bit and what better way than with a nice treat. This one is for the not too sweet tooth but for those looking to enjoy something refreshing and dairy free, and that can be hard to find with frozen desserts. I've found a love of using coconut milk as a dairy substitute and it has turned out amazingly!
What you will need:
1 Can Coconut Milk (400g-ish)
1 Cup Almond Milk
4 Tsp Matcha Green Tea Powder
3 Tsp Agave Nectar or more depending on how sweet you like it

Mix all ingredients together and pour into moulds. Allow them to freeze for 5-6 hours, and there you have it! Simple Coconut Green Tea Popsicles. Yum! 

*For those wondering I didn't have moulds so as a substitute the little Rubbermaid dressing containers that come in the food storage sets were used with some well placed elastic bands to hold the wooden sticks. Yes, I'm talking about the plastic containers with the red lids that come in multi packs at Wal-mart and all the grocery stores. 

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